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The aims of Garvagh Primary School clearly state;


1.        To take account of the demands of the Northern Ireland Revised Curriculum in developing and sustaining a curriculum which will reflect the ages, abilities and aptitudes of all pupils.


2.       To provide pupils with the knowledge, skills, levels of understanding and experiences necessary for them to develop a positive attitude to further learning.


3.       To encourage the development of the various skills and values necessary for each child to function as a responsible and caring member of the school community in particular and of society in general.


4.       To provide a relevant, caring and supportive learning environment for children with special needs and to seek advice and support from outside agencies when required.


5.       To seek to involve parents in the curricular and aesthetic life of the school and in so doing to foster mutual understanding and trust between all members of the school community.


6.       To provide opportunities for children to develop interests, skills and self-esteem through successful participation in as wide a range of extra-curricular activities as possible.


7.       To encourage an awareness and understanding of the pupils traditions and culture and those of other people in other places.


8.       To encourage pupils to appreciate, respect and care for their environment, now and in the future.


9.       To forge meaningful links in the community through contact with commercial, industrial caring and law enforcement agencies.


10.     To ensure that the teaching staff through attendance and participation in relevant in-service courses are kept informed of education developments and are therefore equipped to make best use of available resources (human, financial and material).



Garvagh Primary School
1 Coleraine Rd
Co Londonderry
BT51 5HP
Telephone: 028 295 58540
Fax: 028 295 57151