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In September 2006, Garvagh Primary School received a visit from the Education and Training Inspectors.  Copies of the full Report are available from the School Office on request.

The inspectors were extremely impressed with how life in Garvagh Primary School is on a daily basis and they were greatly impressed by the teaching of the teachers and the children's attitude to work.  Below are some of the comments that were made in the Inspection Report.


"The children are courteous and well behaved and there is a strong sense of mutual respect at all levels."


"There is a caring and supportive attitude throughout the school."


"The children's work and achievements are celebrated through the presentation of certificates, assemblies and in a variety of colourful wall displays throughout the school."


"The children's learning and personal development are enhanced through their participation in a variety of extra-curricular activities.  The children benefit from educational visits to local museums and the theatre and from their participation in a       cross-community programme."


"The school has developed strong links with the parents who are encouraged to become involved in supporting their children's learning."


"The children show high levels of interest in their work and take pride in their efforts; the standards of presentation and neatness are good."


"In Key Stage 1, children have excellent opportunities to use language to explore and express their ideas.  In Key Stage 2, children have many opportunities to infer meaning and extend their thinking skills, for example through reporting on work completed or group discussion involving a range of subjects."


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