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At Garvagh Primary School, there are a lot of facilities available for the children to use.  These include:


Music Room:


Here the children can learn who to play the recorder and some percussion instruments, children who show a talent for music are given the opportunity to learn to play the violin, clarinet or trumpet.


ICT Suite:


Garvagh Primary School currently has it's own well equipped computer room which provides lots of opportunities to help the child with their school work and gives them access to a wide range of resources on the Internet.  Interactive whiteboards have been installed in most of the classrooms and have been a great success for both teachers and pupils in enhancing the childrens learning.


Library Facilities:


In each classroom, there are a range of library books available for the children to read or look at.  This provides the children easy access to a wide range of different novels and factual books.  There is also a library in the senior section of the school where older children can access non fiction books as well as fiction books.




There are two large playgrounds with traditional games chalked out in the playground for the children to play on, there have also been new bins installed in the playgrounds to encourage the children to throw rubbish in the bin.  Garvagh Primary also has a Conservation area, which is currently undergoing maintenance.


Play areas:


Garvagh Primary believes that play is very important in the development of a child, that is why there are both sand and water trays to enhance the childrens play and a roleplay house which allows the children to enhance their imaginative play.


This is the kitchen area where the children can have the opportunity to prepare and make meals to look after the kitchen.  It allows them the opportunity to experience the responsibility of looking after a kitchen and encourages the creative minds of the children.






Playground clock


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This is the nurse’s area where the children can take it in turns to pretend to be the nurse or the doctor.  It allows both boys and girls the opportunity to experience both roles and encourages the children’s creative minds.  It allows the children to become a patient as well and to understand what nurses and doctors do for us.



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Garvagh Primary School
1 Coleraine Rd
Co Londonderry
BT51 5HP
Telephone: 028 295 58540
Fax: 028 295 57151